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Communication Arts for the Information Age

The rapid growth of the Internet has led to a new marketing communications discipline referred to as Integrated Communications -- the intersection of traditional direct marketing, public relations and the Internet.

Integrated Communications is a new set of communications skills and services that capitalize on the global reach, instantaneous communications and real-time functionality of the Web to reach target audiences. Integrated communications has blurred the line between marketing and public relations by offering companies a new suite of interactive services to reach targeted prospects.

Maffeo Media will help your company take advantage of this powerful new medium to connect and communicate with this new, online audience. Whether you have a small, home-based business or major corporation, our in-depth experience across a broad range of industries and methodologies will assist in increasing market share and brand awareness of your business or nonprofit organization.

From being on the first page of Google to to engaging an audience through Social Media, we know what you need to succeed online. Our focus is on insuring that your website does exactly what you need it to do: connect and communicate with new and existing customers, facilitate client interaction and establish online relationships that translate into loyal customers.

Web development has changed dramatically over the past few years so that you no longer need expensive programming in order to create a functioning website. In fact, most websites are now what we call "plug and play." We plug in your content (or create it for you) and your website is ready to go. Services like web forms and Social Media are seamlessly integrated.

Small businesses benefit from services that are designed to help you compete online with the big guys. Internet marketing services include web site development, content development, search engine optimization, Google AdWords™, AdSense™, local search, Social Media and online advertising*. Our Internet marketing services also includes search engine optimization "SEO", Social Media integration, public relations plans, media relations and article placement.

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*All hosted sites come with built in search engine optimization features that get our clients to the top of the search engines in record time. We also provide low-cost hosting, domain registration and blog development.

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